Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring break

And it has been beautiful!

My god it has been so long since i have posted..I think once a month is good for me lately.
The most exciting thing I have done is gone to my aunt and uncles 50 wedding anniversary.. and it was really nice, was suppose to be a surprise,,but my aunt is much smarter.. than that, and figured it out! i saw my 3 cousins which I had not seen in years, Linda the oldest... she has the good genes, OK well they all do, where they look ageless... anyways Linda my oldest, has a really nice house(first time I had been there), Sherri my middle cousin, has only just learned to surf<< OK, about a year ago she jogs bicycle, among other things and she is 1 year younger than I than me...then there Diana who lives in NC...who keeps herself busy with work a house and kids, and has the secret recipe to my grandmothers deviled eggs...please send me the recipe....anyways back to my aunt and uncle, Its was so amazing to see them< they look so good and happy together, which is a very rare thing, indeed!

My Mortie my baby has just come out of hibernation, which now means;we have got to be on the alert for snakes scorpion and the such...I feel so lucky, and i do know that the dreaded Mojave green snake is out, my son ran across one up in the mountains behind my house, last week....since this is the first full summer we will be here it is kinda nerve racking.....

Works been good.. counting the days till my summer trip..this year smocha and I will be adventuring it to Memphis, it looks like there is a chance we will being going to Graceland , which would be nice....so excited...and so far NO , NO health issues.....oh thank god...

We did however get a new puppy, so that bring the dog count up to what the heck am i thinking number...and my baby Bella is also gonna have some; hopefully she will have more than 2 as I have people who want them and 2 are gone....

anyways we are going out to dine tonight and i better get something done here....My next post will hopefully be of the adventures of my vegetable garden i plan on trying to start...grow, which i have never ever done in my life....And for all those who say i don"t spell check...I just did....Have a wonderful day


Smocha said...

Ola my long lost friend!

I can not beleive you have managed to keep that turtle alive this long. lol

Nor can I believe that you got another dog. I think we all need to see some pics of your dog ranch now.

YAY on the spell check :)

Love me

SOUL said...

awwwww man. vicki-- i was so impressed while reading this, and just as i was preparing to compliment you on your advanced spelling accuracy -- you had to mention spell check ! don't tell people that-- let em ride the waves girl.
really, if you haven't noticed -- you have improved -- a lot-- even without spell check. -- and BFF SMOCHA - should be the first to tell you that, and be your supporter -- not spell check's supporter. am i right?

sorry -- see what i mean. that's the 'protector' in me.

i defend- therefore i am. or some shit.

anyhow-- happy to see a fresh post-- sorry i'm late to the game.

and hey-- pat yourself on the back -- and i'll go punch smocha in the eye for ya :))

and oh btw--- have a blast in memphis-- i was there for like almost a year - not once did i grace the steps of graceland -- yep -- i regret it now. but i was too busy drinkin. i mean goin to school :))

hugz lady

Merle said...

Dear Vicki ~~ How lovely to be at your aunt and uncle's 50th wedding
anniversary. Congratulations to them.
And great to meet up with your three
cousins. I so enjoy my cousins and I have heaps.
Thanks for your comments on the post my brother Peter put on. It was awful not having the internet, but all is well now. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

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