Sunday, February 28, 2010

No not goodbye, just dial up

OK when I said goodbye, O.k I didn't really mean it... Been busy and yes I really on my computer not my phone!
so I Cruise bye here and check... my god there is 9 comments the most I have ever had , my heart starts beating faster...9 comments hot damn... so i go to read them....and there are ads for lipitor...wth.. and my blog has made someones life easier.. sure...bwahaha that's a bunch of well we know!

Anyways so much going on here, and not to much... boy sitting here writing this i do miss my blog......anyways off track...stay on track Vicki.. ok back to where i was... man were was i...oh yea...allot but another interruption.....

OK, lets start with work... there was this little boy who choked this little girl ad could not understand why he was in so much trouble????hmmm was it the fact that he choked or mad because..and i do quote here" I didn't leave any marks..." so why am i in trouble.....little boy you poor kid....I myself think this is BAD parenting...this is learned lets go kick parent butt.... hopefully this kid is not a future wife killer..(*second grader)
on to the 3 grader....hitting girl ...same marks kid didn'[t cry why am i in trouble......I fully believe i need a friggnin raise.....What are wrong with kids these days?

Parents i implore you and remember what happens at home will eventually some where down the road show up at school!

So some good news.. my girls week is set...and way over due.. we will be going to Tennessee ..2 night there this year i will be staying 2 extra well deserved days....smocha and I are both counting the seconds she is what we call England might be nice to visit but it sucks to live there..smocha if i am out of line sorry...... can't wait!

now for some up to the minute news: My son who was making a cake....right now.... took it out of the oven and the glass cake pan just friggin shatter! shocking i tell you...

oh last week i won tickets to nascar, nope i didn"t go but the seats were nine rows from the track.. and the week before i won a 200.00 gift cert. for a jewelry store....

anyways that's random stuff going on... will try to update sooner than i did last time....


Golden To Silver Val said...

Glad to see that you're ok and the family is ok. I miss reading you. You could write your posts off-line, then go online and post them....or does that take a while too on dial-up? I agree with you about the bad parenting...just a few weeks ago a 5th grade boy beat up his female teacher at my granddaughter's school. He was a BIG kid and it took 3 adults to calm him down. School has become a very scary place. Anyhow, take care. If you need any more recipes, you feel free to email me, k?

vicki said...

thanks do have the best recipes..

SOUL said...

ola vickster--

man you do have a lot goin on in your world don't ya?

yeh, and see what happens when kids raise themselves? they turn into monters. and that's what it is-- both parents work, give the kid a key-- and have no clue what is goin on in their lives. and ten to one -- they don't care either.

the kids don't think they did anything wrong-- cuz no one around them tells them so -- not do their parents or anyone else pay any consequences. it's a dang country without a conscience .


cheer up-- and try to post more -- we miss ya-

Jamie said...

You posted! And I missed it!

Darnit, I will have to cruise through here more often. I miss your posts.

Big hugs. Stay silly, it helps. :)