Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm fat

but not fat enought to get the lap band damnit.. oh if i gain 50 or so pounds, I would be purrrrrrrr-fect..yea like thats gonna happen...not....i did lose 5 pounds according to this dr.s scale.. but i no as soon as i weigh in at school i will have gained ten,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

so picture this.. sat i got us some steaks, yummy you say.. they turned out like rubber, i used a george foreman round grill daves step sister gave us.. so i'm thinking i'll go to staters bros and get there yummy ribeyes on sale of course.. and i do.. i season them up..and throw them into the broiler.. the oven kind and away there cooking.. daves is done, but not mine so i put mine back in the oven broiler...(top shelf) and away it starts cooking.. i'm waitng and waiting and i start smelling this not so yummy smell, yep you guessed it my oven is now on fire...we are talking flames here.. i rip my steak out that oven, throw the now really call the fire dept flames pan back into oven and slam door, all the while screaming dave the ovens on fire.. he comes running in and i go try to find the fire extinguisher( which is no where to be found ) and by the time i get back he has it out...so we all calm down, oh after tending to daves burnt finger, to eat our wonderful dinner, and i'll be damn if my friggin steak was NOT still raw!!!!!!!!!!and what do u think i did ....sucked it up and ate the d()*)(&(*&*(thing!!!!

so that was my exciting weekend!!! well i have to get ready for work!


Brad said...

I cracked up when I saw your title. I didn't crack up when I got on the scale last night and realized I've gained 15 lbs since July! - Congrats on your weight loss - that awesome - and don't let the other scale get you down - If the Dr's say 5 down that's what it is!

Now I want a steak.

Hope you & yours are all good DDD!

Smocha said...

Ha! Your steak tale was hilarious. You should have taken a picture:)

I can just see you panicking. lol

Told you, you weren't fat enough for lapband!

I'm hungry .I WISH I had a steak.

Love me