Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whoever said owning a house is

The best thing in the world, LIED, I have had more streess since i bought this house than i think i ever had wondering were the heck i was gonna get my rent from... if a damn water pipe broke the fix is just a phone call away to the beloved or not sometimes landlord( i mostly had good ones).. and NO this is what my post is about !!!TAXES... and they suck.. i never relized it till I got my first tax bill... they more than double and i have only been in this damn house..ok i do love my house since july....the tax asseser people seem to think my house value has like doubled....I don't see how...we fix broken pipes..we have a boat load of tree's that are dead and when the dreaded wind blows they fall(hence tons of fire wood) for the fire place , wood burning stove as our heater does not if this is how our house value has doubled than i'll be damned...lets cut those oout buildings down.. and let the weeds overide the horse arena i'll never us.....and then lets see if my taxes drop!! with my luck they ed raise the damn things again.....

o.k. anyways dave has been working , oh thank god, because since this little tax hike my mortage went up....oh yea the tax subject was closed...grrrrr..anyways he will be going up to the bay area,maybe wed. happy birthday sucks but work is what it is....on the upside.. he is gona try and get ahold of his cousin and aunt...and maybe get to see them..he has not been able to see them in a couple of years....

so how was everyones halloween? mine pretty good, my sister came over and picked up our whole family we went to itown and i had a really nice time, hardly any houses were giving out stuff, but the night was great no mishaps..and the kids had a ball!!!
well this is it for tonight.. get back here soon..and just because i have not commented does not mean i have not read your blog


Smocha said...

where are the pictures my dear?

Yes, the american dream does not come cheap:)

love me

SOUL: said...

been there , done that.. my money pit in azle? ugh. yep the one that flooded every other week. wasn't particularly THAT houses value-- but that of the 'area', and property size etc. ugh. boy do i know.

hope things get better-

happy humpday!