Sunday, April 5, 2009

let me go back

To work that is I miss the kids...the little first graders are the best.....and the secondgraders are adorable tooo......I just wanna go back already, i'm thinking on the 13, which is just one week away , not much going on here, we did go and watch jimmy race last night... he was is a scary sport...sometimes even heart pounding.. as soon as i delete some pictures from my computer. i will post the new ones...


Dear Liza said...

My ex SIL was a sprint car racer. I have always loved the sport but him being in the car runined it for me..I couldn't take the fear and I know how stupid that sounds. However, I have been at that track on several occasions when drivers were killed. I couldn't stand the pressure for my daughter, so I stopped going. If one of my own kids wanted to race, I 'd probably have a stroke.

I hope things are going great in your world. I suppose your weather is beautiful, I am SO ready for that.